Random Talkers E7: Innovator's Dilemma, Trump Approval, College Football's Greatest Teams

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The Innovator's Dilemma Review

Matt and Adam review "The Innovator's Dilemma", Clayton Christensen's seminal 1997 guide to "why great firms fail". Twenty years on, does the book's framework of sustaining vs. disruptive technology still apply to today's tech leaders?

Trump's (Dis)Approval Rating

Adam and Matt debate the President's low approval rating. Is Trump already doomed, or are there plausible scenarios in which he is re-elected?

Picking College Football's Top 5 Greatest Teams

Adam and Matt get pumped for football by listing their picks for the top five greatest college teams of all-time. The two dissect and debate each other's choices, beginning with Adam's list (2:51) then Matt's (8:43).

Adam's top five: 2010 Auburn, 2006 Boise State, 1945 Army, 1971/1995 Nebraska, 2001 Miami

Matt's top five: 1999 Florida State, 2009 Alabama, 2004 USC, 2001 Miami, 1995 Nebraska

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